Monday, December 31, 2007

The commute

I didn't do a particularly thorough job of documenting our trip down, it didn't occur to me to do so until we spotted this hitchhiker in a London Kentucky gas station with his sign that said "south." Dave said he deserved to walk, that the fitness would do him good and prepare him for the workforce, although the rest of us wanted to give him a ride. One wouldn't guess it, but Dave is mean.

Curiously, needing a break, we stopped at a Starbucks in Georgetown, Kentucky for a coffee break. OK, so that wasn't terribly curious. The curious part occurred when the barista asked us if we had been hiking or kayaking. Our reply: "Ummmmm, no. Why?" Apparently, clad in jogging suits and casual hiking shoes and light North Face jackets, we appeared to be outdoor types. The barista said we must then be adventure travelers, and we gladly acceded and assumed the role, since we were armed with a minivan loaded with snacks and golf clubs, a satellite radio and iPod, and heading to the outer reaches of civilization: South Carolina.

We arrived at our hotel in Knoxville at about 4, checked in, unloaded, and unwound a bit. Heather and Dave were really well prepared for the trip, and Heather had researched the city for destinations, one of which turned out to be the Downtown Grill & Brewery. The official Turner review found the beer adequate -- the IPA was missing some of the usual, expected hoppiness, but the Mule and the Blonde were fine -- the food equaled the beer, and the Jones's will have some thoughts to share as well. Importantly, the service was uninformed, unindustrious, and unapologetic. We failed to even elicit sympathy from the manager, short of an offer for a free pizza upon our return.

Our hike to the brewpub found us walking in what appeared to be a ghost town, as there was precious few people around, even for a college town. We did stumble right into an outdoor ice rink, so we stopped on the way back to skate in downtown Knoxville, and work off our dinner and our ire.

Our camera is agonizingly slow, but the effect it created in this shot is cool.

I think this kid is about to check me into the boards, but he must not have read the rules that forbade such behavior.

A good looking, jaunty couple.

Even Frosty is happy (and seems to be embracing Tiffani).

The night was concluded at the Sheraton's bar with caucasians, a drink popularized by the movie The Big Lebowski, and strongly advocated on many occasions by David Jones. (Incidentally, our eyes are red due to the camera's flash.) There was much fun as we advised the lone bartenderess on the means for making the drink, who was only too happy to oblige us. Many thanks to Heather and her 50% discount on lodging, and food and beverages, we're big fans.

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