Tuesday, January 1, 2008

... And then there was that football game

We finished the trip from Knoxville to Spartanburg on a rainy Friday, diverting to the golf course, but aborting due to the weather. More checking in to yet another swanky hotel, Tiff off to the gym, Dave, Chris and Heather off to the hotel bar for a pint (or two or three) and some wings. Just charge it to the room and worry about it later.

Showers and a rally as we gear up for the MSU football game that evening, and off for Delaney's, to where we were recommended by the hotel bartender (that's gotta be bad for business).

Go State, I guess.

Some Brit ex-pats enjoying the local flavor and Heather's company.

This is Dave and my imitation of something only Nate and Kristen Luna, or Jim and Colleen Price can explain. Do ask them.